Made with top grain leather.

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Boots

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Boots

Product SKU: VN-CU

Now with 100% top grain leather!

The Vanilla Curve boot is one of the finest pieces of skating footwear ever assembled.  The front-flap design hides skate laces, and the elastic band can be worn over the flap to keep the lace cover secure, or under the flap to keep laces down.  The inside of the Curve boot has a super strong skate-shoe lining and a rolled cuff around the ankle to keep the comfort level high.  The tongue on the Curve is split into two pieces and is unlike anything on the market today.  The two-piece tongue guards against dreaded “tongue-slippage” and the lace loops keep laces snug, to prevent against excess lace wear.  

This product priced per pair.

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Boots

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