U7 Sunlite Twister

U7 Sunlite Twister

Product SKU: KIT-660_SN_2RTW5


U7  Sunlite Twister

Boot: Labeda U7
Plate: RC Sunlite
Wheels: Sure-Grip Twister
Bearings: RC ABEC-5
Toe Stops: Adjustable Mini
Available in white (4-13), black (4-13), green (4-13)
These skates are in men’s sizes.  Ladies, please go down one size for the best fit.


This product priced per pair.

Labeda Voodoo U7 Boots

04GreenIn Stock(25% Off!). Closeout Item. Item Discontinued.
04WhiteLimited Availability(25% Off!). Closeout Item. Item Discontinued.
05GreenLimited Availability(25% Off!). Closeout Item. Item Discontinued.
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Sunlite Plates

01BlackOut of StockNot Available Online.
01GreenOut of StockNot Available Online.
01OrangeOut of StockNot Available Online.
01PinkOut of StockNot Available Online.
01PurpleOut of StockNot Available Online.
01RedOut of StockNot Available Online.
01Sky BlueOut of StockNot Available Online.
01WhiteOut of StockNot Available Online.
01YellowOut of StockNot Available Online.
02BlackIn Stock
02BlueIn Stock
02GreenIn Stock
02OrangeIn Stock
02PinkIn Stock
02PurpleIn Stock
02RedIn Stock
02Sky BlueOut of Stock
02TealIn Stock
02WhiteIn Stock
02YellowIn Stock
03BlackIn Stock
03BlueIn Stock
03GreenIn Stock
03OrangeIn Stock
03PinkOut of Stock
03PurpleIn Stock
03RedIn Stock
03Sky BlueOut of Stock
03TealIn Stock
03WhiteLimited Availability
03YellowIn Stock
04BlackIn Stock
04BlueIn Stock
04GreenIn Stock
04OrangeLimited Availability
04PinkOut of Stock
04PurpleIn Stock
04RedIn Stock
04Sky BlueOut of Stock
04TealIn Stock
04WhiteLimited Availability
04YellowIn Stock
05BlackIn Stock
05BlueIn Stock
05GreenIn Stock
05OrangeIn Stock
05PinkLimited Availability
05PurpleIn Stock
05RedIn Stock
05Sky BlueOut of Stock
05TealIn Stock
05WhiteIn Stock
05YellowIn Stock
06BlackIn Stock
06BlueIn Stock
06GreenIn Stock
06OrangeIn Stock
06PinkIn Stock
06PurpleIn Stock
06RedOut of Stock
06Sky BlueOut of Stock
06TealIn Stock
06WhiteIn Stock
06YellowIn Stock
07BlackIn Stock
07BlueIn Stock
07GreenIn Stock
07OrangeIn Stock
07PinkIn Stock
07PurpleIn Stock
07RedOut of Stock
07Sky BlueOut of Stock
07TealIn Stock
07WhiteIn Stock
07YellowIn Stock
08BlackIn Stock
08BlueIn Stock
08GreenLimited Availability
08OrangeIn Stock
08PinkIn Stock
08PurpleIn Stock
08RedIn Stock
08Sky BlueOut of Stock
08TealIn Stock
08WhiteIn Stock
08YellowIn Stock
09BlackIn Stock
09BlueIn Stock
09GreenIn Stock
09OrangeIn Stock
09PinkIn Stock
09PurpleIn Stock
09RedIn Stock
09TealIn Stock
09WhiteIn Stock
09YellowOut of Stock
Sized to FitBlackIn Stock
Sized to FitBlueIn Stock
Sized to FitGreenIn Stock
Sized to FitOrangeIn Stock
Sized to FitPinkIn Stock
Sized to FitPurpleIn Stock
Sized to FitRedIn Stock
Sized to FitSky BlueIn Stock
Sized to FitTealIn Stock
Sized to FitWhiteIn Stock
Sized to FitYellowIn Stock

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 8mm

In Stock

ROCK Twister Wheels with ABEC5 Bearings

62 MMBlack and Green97AIn StockNot Available Online.
62 MMBlack and White97AIn Stock
62 MMBlue and White97AIn Stock
62 MMPink and Black97AIn Stock
62 MMPink and White97AIn Stock
62 MMRainbow97AIn Stock
62 MMRed and Black97AIn StockNot Available Online.
62 MMWhite and Green97AIn Stock
62 MMWhite and Purple97AIn Stock
62 MMWhite and Red97AIn Stock
62 MMWhite and Yellow97AIn Stock
62 MMYellow and Red97AIn Stock

Adjustable Mini Round Toe Stops

RegularPinkOut of Stock
RegularTealLimited Availability
RegularWhiteOut of Stock
ShortBlackOut of Stock
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Labeda Voodoo U7 Boots
Sunlite Plates
ROCK Twister Wheels with ABEC5 Bearings
Adjustable Mini Round Toe Stops
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