Features extra pair of matching laces!

Lenexa Hoopla -Children's Skate

Lenexa Hoopla -Children's Skate

Product SKU: LX-HOP

Boot: Lenexa Padded Boot with Velcro Cinch Strap
Laces:  Includes 2  Sets Of Laces!!!!
Plate: Lenexa Torsion Beam
Wheels: Lenexa Pure Urethane
Bearings: ABEC 5
Toe Stops: Non-Adjustable Bell


Available in black/red (J10-8).

Available in black/teal (J10-5).

Available in white/pink (J10-5).


Skates are listed in kid’s sizing. 

This product priced per pair.

Lenexa Hoopla -Children's Skate

01Black and RedIn Stock
01Black and TealIn Stock
01White and PinkIn Stock
02Black and RedIn Stock
02Black and TealIn Stock
02White and PinkIn Stock
03Black and RedIn Stock
03Black and TealIn Stock
03White and PinkIn Stock
04Black and RedIn Stock
04Black and TealIn Stock
04White and PinkIn Stock
05Black and RedIn Stock
05Black and TealIn Stock
05White and PinkIn Stock
06Black and RedIn Stock
06Black and TealIn Stock
07Black and RedIn Stock
07Black and TealIn Stock
08Black and RedIn Stock
Junior 10Black and RedIn Stock
Junior 10Black and TealIn Stock
Junior 10White and PinkIn Stock
Junior 11Black and RedIn Stock
Junior 11Black and TealIn Stock
Junior 11White and PinkIn Stock
Junior 12Black and RedIn Stock
Junior 12Black and TealIn Stock
Junior 12White and PinkIn Stock
Junior 13Black and RedIn Stock
Junior 13Black and TealIn Stock
Junior 13WhiteIn Stock
Call for parts availability.
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